Regulations for Using IVE Computing Facilities 
(I)     Regulations for users on the use of computer equipment: 
   (a)     The computer rooms are reserved for authorised users only.
   (b)     No item of software or hardware of the Technical College can be
           removed from computer rooms without written permission from either
           Computer Centre (for Computer Centre rooms) or the Department in
           which the Laboratory is located.
   (c)     Duplication of any licensed software by users is strictly prohibited.
   (d)     Smoking, drinking and eating are prohibited at all times.
   (e)     The computer rooms must be kept absolutely clean and tidy.
   (f)     Printing paper and ribbon cartridge are to be loaded by Laboratory
           staff only.
   (g)     Users should ensure economic use of consumable stationery.

   (h)     No user is allowed to uncover or relocate any computer equipment.
   (i)     The manuals and documents are for reference use in the computer rooms
           only and should NOT be taken away.
   (j)     Only those diskettes of brands in the Technical College approved list
           are to be used with the microcomputers to prevent unnecessary damage
           to the equipment.
   (k)     Only those software packages provided or approved by the Technical
           College are allowed to be used.  No illegal software is allowed.
   (l)     Computing equipment should only be used for college course-related
           purposes or for the support of college operations.
   (m)     No user is allowed to modify, remove or delete any files from the
           computer systems provided by the College.
   (n)     Users must collect their printout within an hour of printing
           being completed.
   (o)     No user is allowed to interfere with the operation of any of the
           equipment or software.
   (p)     All users must show their ID cards to a member of Acadamic or
           Technical staff, upon request.
(II)    Guidelines for users on the use of computer equipment: 
   (a)     Before using computer equipment, users should always check the
           equipment first. In the case of any items found missing, Laboratory
           staff on duty should be informed immediately.
   (b)     In the case of any software or hardware malfunction, Laboratory
           staff on duty should be informed immediately.
   (c)     Users who use their own diskettes with the microcomputers have the
           obligation of ensuring that these diskettes are virus-free.
   (d)     Users have to logout/bye the terminal before leaving the equipment.
   (e)     Users are advised to watch out for any changes in the behaviour of
           the microcomputers for symptoms of virus infection.  If infection is
           suspected, users should immediately inform the Laboratory staff.
(III)   Guidelines for users on accessing the Campus Network: 
      Access to the Campus Network is confined to computer equipment installed
on the campus.  Outside connection to the network, by any means, is not allowed
without prior consent of the Committee on Centralised Computer Facilities for
Technical Colleges.
(IV)    Class/short course booking of Central Computing Facilities: 
   (a)     Before the commencement of a new academic year, computer centre staff
           and related departmental co-ordinators should meet together to
           discuss the allocation of time slots for use of the computer rooms
           for timetabled classes.  The finalised schedule will be kept by the
           computer centre staff and departmental coordinators and rooms will
           be made available to users according to the agreed schedules.
   (b)     The computer rooms which are available for booking to conduct short
           courses should be booked at least two weeks in advance so that
           proper arrangements can be made.
(V)     Free booking of Central Computing Facilities: 
      The computer equipment in computer rooms are available for free booking
during normal campus opening hours by authorised users provided that these
sessions have not been booked for conducting courses.
(VI)    Disciplinary Procedures: 
     Transgression of any of the regulations listed in (I) will be treated as
an extremely serious matter.  Either Academic staff or Laboratory staff on duty
may report any user for breaking any of the regulations.  The user concerned
will be required to immediately supply their name and the course on which they
are registered and must also allow a copy to be made of their Student ID card
and of any diskettes they may have in their possession by the member of staff
concerned.  They will also be required to immediately leave the room.  The
member of staff will write a report on the incident, by the end of the next

working day, and submit it, together with the copies of the Student ID card
and diskettes, to Computer Centre staff (in the case of Central Computing
Facilities) or the appropriate Head of Department (in the case of Departmental
      The student concerned will be then be subject to disciplinary proceedings.
If the student is found guilty, disciplinary action will be taken, which may
result in suspension from his or her Course.